Assault and Battery

An assault is committed when someone intentionally hurts you. These injuries can be very serious. It can be very difficult to bring a claim as a result of an assault. This is not because it is difficult to win, but rather because it is difficult to collect the money that is owed to you.

To be successful with an assault claim there must be a source to collect the money from. This could be either an insurance company or personal assets.

As a general rule, insurance policies do not provide coverage to injuries that were caused by someone’s intentional act. However, there are circumstances where coverage may be available. For example if you are assaulted by a person that is working at the time of the assault, the employer may have coverage. If the person that assaults you is working at the time of the assault, and you can provide that he was an unfit employee, then you may have a claim for the negligent hiring or negligent supervision of the employee. This claim is generally covered by the employer’s insurance policy.

The other alternative is to collect the money from the personal assets of the person that assaulted you. Most people do not have a lot of money in the bank. So it is rare to collect money from someone personally.

It is possible that a lawyer can help you receive compensation for injuries from an assault. However, these claims are extremely risky and difficult to pursue.

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