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Our children are our future. We nurture them, raise them, teach them and protect them – and so it is all the more tragic when they are injured. Sometimes, children are hurt in car accidents, despite the best efforts of parents and caretakers; in other cases, the neglect or carelessness of medical professionals, day care staff or teachers may be to blame.

The reality is that children cannot protect themselves in the same way that adult men and women can. Their bodies and minds are not developed enough to withstand or avoid serious injury. Often, the natural energy, inquisitiveness and boundless curiosity of young children work against them, resulting in concussions, dislocated or broken bones, damage to internal organs, or even amputations.

Minneapolis Child Injury Lawyer Practice Areas

Minneapolis child injury lawyers Walker Law Office, P.A. place the highest priority on safety. The best course to take is always prevention. No matter the situation, keeping your children safe is always important. However, we also realize that accidents can and do happen ad that legal action may sometimes be the only recourse for injured kids and their families. Our4 experienced legal team is prepared to handle child injury cases involving:

  • Playground and School Injuries
  • Day Care Injuries
  • Product Liability and Defective Toys
  • Elevator and Escalator Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Parents’ Claims
  • Court Approval

Minor Petitions in Minneapolis

If your child is injured in Minneapolis, state law protects them during any settlement from injury. If a person is under the age of 18, all settlements must be court approved pursuant to the Rules of Practice-District Courts Rule 145.

In the view of the state, minors cannot be responsible for settlement money from a Minneapolis child injury lawsuit and even well-intentioned parents may spend the funds foolishly. For this reason, a judge must review all settlements, determine whether it is fair to the child and then protect the funds in an annuity or certificate of deposit until the child reaches the age of 18.

Insurance companies may want to “just have the parent sign the release,” but this is not an enforceable settlement under the law. Rule 145 has requirements for the class of annuities used, paragraphs in the release that are mandatory and requirements for tax consequences. Because of the complexity of this law, all children’s cases should be conducted with the advice of an experienced Minneapolis child injury attorney.

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