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Your commercial driver’s license or CDL is your lifeline.

Your CDL provides you the means through which you earn an income for yourself and your family. The fact is that even in the very best of economic times you cannot afford to lose your ability to earn a living in any manner. This is particularly true during these very challenging, difficult economic times.

Throughout the United States, including in the State of Minnesota, one of the most common types of crimes that a person can end up being charged with is driving while intoxicated. If you are like many individuals from all walks of life, you may have found yourself charged with DWI. However, unlike most people, you have a CDL that is at stake as a result of this charge. In other words, your lifeline is threatened. You can lose your ability to earn a living.

If you have been charged with a DWI and you do hold a CDL, you must obtain the representation of a credible, effective and experienced DWI attorney. In this regard, you will want to seriously consider engaging the services of Walker Law Offices, P.A.

Over the last several years of defending the Minnesota Driver, Walker Law Offices, P.A. has earned the respect of fellow colleagues, prosecutors and judges throughout the State of Minnesota. They have successfully litigated and negotiated hundreds of DWI cases over the years.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Vehicle Driving and Driving Under The Influence

If you have a CDL, it is important that you understand the specific requirements that attach to driving a commercial vehicle as far as applicable DWI laws are concerned. Through this website we do provide for your consideration some basic information in this regard.

You do need to keep in mind that this information is not designed to take the place of a consultation with a qualified, effective criminal defense attorney like those at Walker Law Offices, P.A.. When all is said and done, absolutely nothing can take the place of a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of how the DWI laws in Minnesota impact CDL drivers is the alcohol concentration limitation that has been established for individuals driving a commercial vehicle. For a person driving a commercial vehicle at the time of their arrest, the illegal blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.04, which is half the normal legal limit of 0.08.

As an aside, the blood alcohol concentration applies to a CDL holder that is driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the DWI stop. If the individual with a CDL is not driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the stop, the 0.08 level would be applicable. However, even if driving a personal vehicle at the time of the stop, the ultimate impact on that individual’s CDL can be significant.

If you are driving your commercial vehicle at the time of your arrest or even if you simply hold a CDL license, you could face some serious consequences. In addition to possible jail time (which can be lengthy depending on the circumstances) and large fines, you can also have significant action taken with regard to your CDL.

Clearly, if you end up being convicted more than one time for driving a commercial vehicle while intoxicated, your career as a commercial driver could very well be over. Indeed, as a practical matter, even if you end up with a one year disqualification, depending on different employer’s requirements, you may never be able to work as a commercial driver again in the future.

These hard and cold realities merely underscore the need to obtain a DWI lawyer like Walker Law Offices, P.A. with the specific experience in representing the rights ad interests of people like you who make their living through the operation of commercial vehicles.

It is imperative to have a lawyer with the specific experience and know-how to successfully represent a CDL holder who is charged with driving while intoxicated. Walker Law Offices, P.A. can provide you with the specific and necessary professional legal advice, assistance and powerful legal representation that you must have to deal with all aspects of your case … including protecting and preserving your CDL … and your lifeline.

As the holder of a CDL, you must have a DWI attorney that can react and respond immediately to provide you the legal representation that you must have in a timely manner. While you need to make certain that you waste no time hiring a qualified Minneapolis DWI lawyer when you have a CDL, equally important is for you to select a criminal attorney that will provide you immediate legal assistance and representation.

As an aside, Walker Law Offices, P.A. has experienced attorneys who understand the need to ensure your privacy when it comes to such a case. They appreciate the importance of not only providing you representation that you need in the courthouse, but also appreciate the need to ensure that any potential publicity surrounding your case is minimized in order to protect your ability to earn a living today and into the future.

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