Hit & Run Lawyer

Hit and run accidents in the U.S. have increased by 15 percent over the last five years. Motor vehicles are involved in about 3.5 million accidents each year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Hit and run incidents account for one out of five pedestrian deaths. There are many reasons that persons flee from the scene of an accident. Two of the most likely reasons are that the driver did not have insurance or the driver was drunk.

The first priority in handling a hit and run accident case is to identify the driver and owner of the vehicle that leaves the scene. It is necessary to get identifying information such as license plate information, make and model of the vehicle and a description of the persons in the vehicle. Often times the persons involved deny that they were involved when they are tracked down. So that identifying information is critical to provide that they were responsible for the accident.

If the involved vehicle was not insured or cannot be identified, you may have rights to be compensated under your own auto insurance policy. You have coverage for uninsured motorist protection under your Minnesota automobile policy. This provides coverage to compensate you for damages that the hit and run driver would have been responsible for. You lawyer can help you investigate your case and present the claim to the appropriate insurance carrier.

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