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Under state law, a drunk driver may not be the only one responsible for the injuries sustained by victims of DUI-related accidents in Minneapolis. Because those who serve or sell alcoholic beverages have a duty to do so in a responsible manner, liquor liability laws hold these individuals and establishments liable for the damages resulting from illegal sales or serving of alcohol.

At Walker Law Office, P.A. we believe that Minneapolis DUI victims deserve the representation of an experienced attorney who can establish the liquor liability of dram shops or social hosts, when applicable.

Dram Shop Liability

A dram shop is any establishment at which alcohol beverages are sold. This may include restaurants, bars, taverns, clubs, liquor stores and more. Minnesota law states that a dram shop is legally liable for damages caused by patrons to whom it illegally served alcohol. If a Minneapolis bar serves alcoholic beverages to a minor or an obviously intoxicated individual, it may be responsible for any injuries caused by that person as a result of being under the influence of alcohol.

Social Host Liability

Of course, bars and restaurants are not the only places where alcohol is served or consumed. Many people drink alcohol in their homes or in the homes of friends or acquaintances. Serving alcohol at dinner parties, for example, is hardly an uncommon thing. However, social hosts (that is, the person or people who are responsible for serving alcohol) can be held liable for damages resulting from the alcohol they knowingly and illegally serve to minors. An experienced Minneapolis liquor liability lawyer can help you determine whether the concept of social host liability applies to your case.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

Drunk drivers are not only a danger to others, but to themselves as well. Under certain circumstances, the family or dependents of a man or woman who is injured while driving drunk may have a legal claim against the establishments or individuals who served him or her alcohol – even when the crash involves only one vehicle.

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