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The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that each year nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle related accidents and more than 78,000 pedestrians suffer injuries when hit by a car or truck. When a person is involved in an accident as a pedestrian many issues need to be evaluated. First, who pays the bills and lost wages? As a pedestrian, you are entitled to no-fault coverage from a policy under which you are insured. If you are not insured yourself, then you may select any involved vehicle to provide no-fault benefits. Sometimes one vehicle involved in an accident will have more coverage available than others. This is one reason to hire a lawyer early in the process. The lawyer can help make sure you make a good choice about electing the source of your no-fault benefits.

Also, accidents involving pedestrians are often disputed by insurance carriers. Although in many situations pedestrians have “the right of way,” pedestrians also have an obligation to exercise reasonable care for their own safety. Often the only witnesses are those involved in the accident. For those reasons it is imperative that an investigator inspect the scene of the accident for physical evidence that may help prove what happened. This is another reason to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

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