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While some skull fractures are not life threatening, they do have the potential to cause serious injury or a permanent handicap, or even result in the death of an individual. These acute bone injuries are typically sustained whenever the head has been impacted by a very large force.

If you or someone you love has sustained a skull fracture injury, then you could be entitled to monetary compensation from the responsible party. The Minneapolis skull fracture attorneys of Walker Law Office, P.A. can help you get the help and justice that you deserve.

Common Types of Skull Fractures

There are three main categories of skull fracture. They all vary in seriousness; each poses a different level of threat to the victim.

  • Linear Fracture: A fracture in the cranium that does not depress in, splinter, or otherwise distort the skull. This type of break shows up as a line in the skull and is not considered to be very serious.
  • Basilar Fracture: A linear fracture near the base of the cranium, posing a serious threat to the victim. This type of break can result in CSF rhinorrhea or otorrhea (both dangerous conditions).
  • Depressed Fracture: A fracture resulting in the protrusion of the skull down in to the brain cavity. This break results in pressure on the brain or direct contact with (and therefore injury to) the brain. Depressed skull fractures can cause a serious amount of trauma to the brain.

All of these fractures result from a serious impact to the head. If you have recently suffered a severe head injury, then you may have also sustained a skull fracture.

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