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Accidents involving commercial vehicles are often devastating. According to the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2001, 5,082 people died and 131,000 suffered injury as the result of collisions involving a large truck. The seriousness of these accidents requires that you hire a lawyer with knowledge and experience in dealing with these specialized matters. Truck cases have unique issues, and a lawyer that has specialized knowledge and experience in this area can increase your likelihood of success.

Most commercial trucking companies are governed by Federal regulations. Those regulations are quite specific and encompass numerous subject areas. Many of these regulations are designed to protect motorists from the negligence of the truck companies. Understanding the details of commercial motor vehicle law is essential to the4 proper handling of a case involving a truck accident.

Regulations require that commercial drivers only drive for a certain number of hours without rest. This is to prevent drivers from becoming fatigued and therefore less attentive to the operation of the truck. Drivers are required to keep a log book that tracks their driving hours and rest hours. Drivers and trucking companies also maintain other documents such as bills of lading, scale receipts, fuel receipts, toll receipts and other documents that will show discrepancies. Regulations also require records be kept of maintenance of equipment. However, the law only requires retention of these required records for a period of six months. An experienced truck lawyer can help ensure that necessary evidence is preserved rather than destroyed.

Truck cases also present unique insurance questions. Federal regulations govern what insurance coverage may be available. Regulations require different coverage depending upon several factors, such as what type of product is hauled and whether the company is working intrastate or interstate. Also in some situations, an insurance company may have filings with the department of transportation. These filings are a promise to provide coverage even if the premiums are not paid. Trucking companies and their insurance companies will not tell you about these filings. It is imperative that you hire knowledgeable and experienced counsel who knows how to investigate these issues.

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