Minnesota Supreme Court overturns a felony rape conviction because the woman voluntarily got intoxicated

The Minnesota State Supreme Court said the alleged attacker could not be guilty of the charge he was convicted on because the woman did not fit the state’s legal description of being mentally incapacitated. Click here to read the full story on CNN. 

When Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Apply?

Find out when the information you tell a Minnesota DUI lawyer is protected by this important right. And find out which situations the Attorney-Client Privilege does not attach. Did you know that if something you say can be overheard by anyone other than your lawyer, what you are saying can be used against you? Did … Read more

Know Your Miranda Rights

The Science Behind the Intoxilyzer 500EN What are Miranda Rights, and why are they called “Miranda?” How & When Can You Use Your Miranda Rights? What Can’t Your Miranda Rights Protect? What are Miranda Rights ad why are they called “Miranda?” “Miranda Rights” refer to some of the rights that are contained in the 5th … Read more

DUI Terminology

What is a DUI or DWI? What are the different degrees of DUI/DWI? What are the elements of a DUI? What are mitigating and aggravating factors and how can these affect your case? What is Driving While Impaired, or Driving Under the Influence? The offense of “DWI” consists of driving, operating or being in physical … Read more

How do I know if I need a Minnesota DUI Lawyer, and How do I know which Lawyer to Choose?

How do I figure out if I should hire a lawyer? When should I contact a lawyer? What difference does it make to have an attorney who knows the specific issues in my type of case? How do I find a lawyer who concentrates in my type of case? Deciding whether to hire an attorney … Read more

Differences Between the Criminal DUI and Civil Implied Consent Cases

Every DUI/DWI event has a potential of two cases stemming from the incident – the criminal case and a civil case arising out of the Implied Consent process. Read about the important differences in the burden of proof the State has in each case and what the different timelines are for the criminal and civil … Read more

Mandatory Penalties and Sentences

Some offenses have mandatory minimum sentences – find out which do and what they are. A first time (or fourth degree) DUI carries the same statutory potential penalty as any other misdemeanor: a maximum $1,000 fine and/or 90 days in jail. This is the maximum – this does not mean that if you are charged … Read more

The Intoxilyzer 5000EN and You

The Science Behind the Intoxilyzer 5000EN In order to understand the science that enables a machine that collects breath to measure the alcohol concentration in a person’s body, it’s necessary to first understand some scientific terminology. Spectroscopy is a science – like biology, which is the science of living organisms, or chemistry, which is the … Read more

The Hidden Cost of a DUI in Minnesota

We all know that consuming alcohol can impair your ability to safely operate your motor vehicle. Beyond the dangers of operating your vehicle under the influence and the fact that you can go to jail, there are other hidden costs of a DUI conviction in Minnesota that you may have never thought of. Of course, … Read more

Brain Injury Symptoms

Brain injuries are extremely dangerous and even have the potential to claim lives if they are not treated right away. They can be sustained through a number of everyday activities gone awry, such as driving a car or riding a bicycle and crashing or even slipping and falling. It is important that you make yourself … Read more

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