License Revocation & Suspension

In addition to the criminal penalties (which can include jail or prison time as well as significant fees) when you are charged with drunk driving in Minnesota, you also face certain administrative or civil sanctions. Amongst these administrative or civil sanctions is a driver’s license revocation or the loss of your driving privileges for a set period of time.

When you are facing the revocation of your driver’s license in the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest, it is important that you engage the services of a qualified, experienced DUI/DWI lawyer to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected. William L. Walker is a criminal defense attorney who focuses on driving while intoxicated cases, a lawyer who understands what must be done in order to provide you with the representation that you must have in regard to all aspects of your case, including defending you in the proceedings surrounding your drivers license.

If you are in a position in which you have failed a breath, blood or urine test incident to your arrest for DWI, or if you refused to take one or another of these tests, your driving privileges actually can be revoked immediately. With that said, you often will be given a temporary license for a period of seven days before the revocation becomes fully effective.

Understanding how swiftly the driver’s license revocation process moves, it really is crucial for you to retain the services of a qualified DWI attorney as soon as possible. You have no time to waste. William L. Walker knows how important your driver’s license is to you and stands ready to become involved in your case, to provide you the representation that you require in this regard, immediately.

Minnesota law sets forth different lengths of time in which your driver’s license can be revoked or even canceled depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. As you consider your legal options, it is vital that you appreciate what you potentially will be facing with regard to your all important driving privileges.

  • 90 days suspension if you have not had a prior impaired driving incident in the previous ten years and provided that there was not an aggravating factor associated with the current incident.
  • Six months suspension if you are under the age of 21.
  • 180 days if you have a prior impaired driving incident within the previous ten years.
  • The period of suspension will be doubled if you tested at a blood alcohol level of .20 or higher.
  • One year if you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test.
  • Your license can be canceled and denied indefinitely pending treatment and rehabilitation, if you have had three or more impaired driving incidents within a ten year period.

You do have certain rights associated with the revocation or cancellation of your Minnesota driver’s license privileges. Chief amongst these rights is that of judicially challenging your revocation by filing the appropriate legal documents with the court within a specific period of time. If one fails to file a judicial challenge to their driver’s license revocation within the statutorily required period of time, they waive their right to a judicial determination of their driver’s license revocation. William L. Walker understands this, and with his significant experience as a criminal defense lawyer, can assist you with this course of action.

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a limited driver’s license during the period of time your general driving privileges have been withdrawn as the result of your DWI case. If you qualify for a limited driver’s license, you may be able to drive for the following reasons:

  • To and from your job
  • To seek employment
  • To chemical dependency treatment
  • To provide for the medical, nutritional or educational needs of your family
  • To attend classes or courses at a postsecondary educational institution

You do need to understand that Minnesota law has established certain waiting periods before you will be able to obtain a limited driver’s license. However, there are a few jurisdictions within Minnesota that will actually allow for a temporary driver’s license reinstatement of your full driving privileges pending the outcome of both your criminal and civil license revocation cases.

As was noted previously, it is important that you retain the services of a qualified Minnesota DWI lawyer who has a proven track record in assisting individuals with regard to driver’s license revocations, withdrawals and cancellations. William L. Walker has fought on behalf of innumerable clients who required the most effective legal representation with regard to their driving under the influence cases.

If you are facing a driving while intoxicated charge and subsequent driver’s license revocation, or a possible forfeiture of your vehicle, you will want to contact William L. Walker, an experienced and committed Minnesota DWI lawyer today. Attorney Walker stands ready to fight for your rights, including doing everything possible to protect you from the loss of your Minnesota driving privileges as the result of a DWI charge.

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